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"Everyone I met here on staff was truly kind, friendly and helpful. My experience here was actually positive. I am leaving here with a sense of healing that I wouldn't have imagined."
—Aradia Client


"The Time Has Come to Tell Our Protestors: Enough is Enough!"

You’ve seen footage of them blockading clinics on television. You’ve heard stories of their scare tactics, vulgar language and violent threats. You might think that it happens “somewhere else.” In regions more conservative and intolerant. I am speaking of anti-choice protesters and they are mobilizing in your backyard—right here in Seattle. Two to three times a week, groups of picketers in numbers ranging from a handful to several dozen line the streets outside Aradia Women’s Health Center. Here, in our city. Threatening our sisters, mothers and friends.

While we support their right to freedom of speech, it does not come without cost. Aradia must employ a police officer to keep the peace and ensure the safety of our clients. Women who come to us seeking respect and empowerment are bombarded with the hateful opinions of strangers. Often they walk through our doors shaken by the experience.

Read the Pledge-a-Picketer feature in The Stranger.

Here’s how it works: You choose to pledge an amount of money for each picketer who shows up at our steps from now until December 31. (You may also decide to pledge for just one month at a time.) An average pledge might be from $0.50 to $5.00 per picketer. To Pledge-a-Picketer, please contact our Development Department at (206) 323-9388 ext. 19, dca@aradia.org or mail in this form (PDF or Word) to this address below.

Attn: Development Department
Aradia Women's Health Center
1300 Spring St., #500
Seattle, WA 98104

Please join us in telling those who wish to trespass on a woman’s decision that our numbers, our commitment and our resolve are stronger!