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"All of my previous notions of an abortion procedure were dissipated. The women who worked with me soothed any anxiety I had, which empowered my decision even more."
—Aradia Client

Aradia Women's Health Center's
Women's Health Matters, #27
Wednesday, January 25, 2021

This Issue's Topics

  • What Do Women Say Behind Closed Doors?
  • 2006 Legislative Session
  • 33rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

What Do Women Say Behind Closed Doors?

Join Aradia Women's Health Center and 911 Media Arts TONIGHT and find out!

Aradia Women's Health Center is co-sponsoring a screening of The Abortion Diaries, a 30 minute documentary by filmmaker Penny Lane at 8pm tonight at 911 Media Arts Center!

As part of her national tour in honor of the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Penny will be in attendance and happy to answer questions following the screening.

The Abortion Diaries gives voice to an important by silenced community: women who have had abortions. Through the stories of 12 women woven together with Penny's personal diary entries, the film presents a compelling, intimate and sometimes funny "dinner party" where the audience is invited to hear what women say behind closed doors about sex, love, motherhood, careers, spirituality and their own bodies!

2006 Legislative Session
Pro-Active Legislation Off to a Good Start!

Pam Crone, lobbyist for Aradia Women's Health Center along with Aurora Medical Services and Cedar River Clinics, is off and running!

HB 2481 is a bill introduced by Representative Brendan Williams from Olympia. The bill was written in response to the arson at Eastside Women's Health Center and the subsequent challenges they faced obtaining property insurance.

Eastside Women's Health Center in Olympia was forced to stop providing abortions because their insurance company refused to cover them unless they did so.

The bill was heard on Thursday, January 19th in the House Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee. Please call the legislative hotline at 1- 800-562-6000 and show your support for HB 2481!

There are also a series of bills that have come out of the new Health Disparities Taskforce designed to look at the disparate health outcomes for particular racial and ethnic populations: the barriers to gender appropriate and culturally sensitive health care and materials as well as increasing the number of female and minority health care providers (SB 6193); multicultural education for health care workers (SB 6194); creating an American Indian Health Commission (SB 6196); and finally requiring health impact assessments (SB 6195).

There are other bills in the pipeline that we will be sure and make you aware of soon! We will keep you updated during this very short session.

As always, for more information please visit the web site of the Washington state Legislature!

33rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

Aradia Women's Health Center donors, supporters, volunteers, staff and board members were out in FULL FORCE to recognize the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

In this politically tumultuous time, when Roe v. Wade is being discussed endlessly in the media, around dinner tables, in cafes and college campuses, it is heartening to step back and see the support for this landmark Supreme Court decision!

From Aradia's breakfast event at the clinic featuring Emily Lyons, Aradia Honorary Board Member and clinic bombing survivor, to the NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, Protect Roe: Oppose Alito rally, co-sponsored by Aradia and a host of other fabulous pro-choice organizations, we celebrated a woman's legal right to reproductive freedom loudly and with unity.

We thank all of our supporters for your committment to women's rights, freedom and justice now and always!