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"All of my previous notions of an abortion procedure were dissipated. The women who worked with me soothed any anxiety I had, which empowered my decision even more."
—Aradia Client

Aradia Women's Health Center's
Women's Health Matters, #28
Thursday, April 6, 2020

This Issue's Topics

  • Have YOU Pledged-a-Picketer?
  • Aradia Co-Sponsors Americans for UNFPA's "Family of Woman" Exhibit
  • Do Pharmacists Have the Right to Refuse?
  • It's a Wrap!
  • Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Have YOU Pledged-a-Picketer?

The success of Aradia's 2005-2006 Pledge-a-Picketer program is awe-inspiring. We put out the call and YOU responded! Our program even caught the attention of The Stranger with a supportive call to the community that we appreciate tremendously!

So far, your contributions have raised almost $4,000 for the women of your community to continue to access high-quality, affordable abortion and gynecological care from our all-female expert medical team!

Thank you! And please don't forget, if you haven't already pledged, you can click here to donate, or contact us at (206) 322-7809 or [email protected].

To read Erica Barnett's comments on our Pledge-a- Picketer campaign in The Stranger.

Aradia Co-Sponsors Americans for UNFPA's "Family of Woman" Exhibit
Photographic Celebration of Women Around the World

This exhibit is free and open to the public at Kane Hall on the University of Washington Campus! From April 6th through April 20th, join us for a photographic journey around the world. These women are mothers, daughters, factory workers, midwives and others living in Peru, Ethiopia, Indonesia and all over the world. For more information click here.

Do Pharmacists Have the Right to Refuse?
Washington State Pharmacy Board Needs to Hear from YOU!
The Washington State Board of Pharmacy has begun taking public input on the issue of pharmacist�s ability to refuse to fill a lawful prescription based on what the board calls a "conscience conflict."

A conscience conflict could mean that, regardless of what legal prescription a customer comes into a pharmacy with, a pharmacist has the "right" to simply "opt-out" of filling it based on his or her belief system.

We're talking about any medication: life-saving treatment for a man or woman with AIDS, simple birth control pills, emergency contraception - any prescription that a pharmacist deems in conflict with his or her personal value system.

If this seems incomprehensible to you, PLEASE consider attending one or both of the public input sessions held in Tumwater and Yakima (see below for locations and times)!!

The Washington State Board of Pharmacy will hold stakeholder meetings on April 19th and 20th. These meetings will provide an opportunity for interested parties to comment on the Board�s decision to examine the need to establish standards for a pharmacist when presented with a lawful prescription, including whether a pharmacist may refuse to process the prescription for clinical, conscientious, moral, or religious reasons.

Written comments received by the Board on or before April 18th will be considered at the April 21st meeting. Please send comments to the Washington State Board of Pharmacy, PO Box 47863, Olympia WA 98504-7863 or via email to [email protected] .

Wednesday, April 19, 2020 Time: 9:00 a.m. � 12:00 p.m. Location: Labor & Industries Auditorium 7273 Linderson Way SW Tumwater WA 98501

Thursday, April 20, 2020 Time: 9:00 a.m. � 11:30 a.m. Location: Red Lion Hotel Yakima Center 607 E. Yakima Avenue Yakima WA 98901

Click here to email your comments to the Board of Pharmacy!

It's a Wrap!
Victory for Clinics as the 2006 Legislative Session Wraps

HB 2481 was signed into law by Governor Gregoire on March 20th, 2006 and our lobbyist, Pam Crone, was there with a smile! HB 2481 ensures that abortion clinics and other health care providers, churches and other religious institutions cannot be penalized by an insurance company (by pulling their coverage) if they are a victim of a "malicious incident" like arson.

After surviving an arson in 2005, Eastside Women's Health Center, an abortion and gynecological care provider in Olympia, was victimized again - by their insurance company. In order to retain their combination medical malpractice/property/liability insurance, the health center would have had to pay more than 10 times the insurance rate they had been paying or stop providing abortions. They had no choice but to stop providing abortions - a decision that obviously impacted not just Eastside Women's Health but the residents of Olympia as well. There is now one less option for women and men in Olympia when they are in need of high-quality abortion care.

Thanks to the hard work of Pam and other women's rights lobbyists advocating for passage of this bill, prime sponsor Representative Brendan Williams from Olympia, Eastside Women's Health, and independent clinics like Aradia, we now have a piece of pro- active legislation that provides assurance for the clinics AND the residents of our state that our health care options will not diminish in the face of arson or other kinds of malicious incidents!

The 2006 legislative session was short this year. For more information on the bills that Governor Gregoire signed into law or vetoed, please click here.  

Scathed Abortion Clinics Study Insurance Options

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Aradia Women's Health Center is an active, local advocate for women's rights and women's health issues. We often get calls from the local and national media for comment on or participation in a story that is being crafted about reproductive justice for women.

Have you ever been refused emergency contraception by a pharmacist or a health care provider? Have you had an abortion and feel comfortable sharing your story anonymously or not?

If you have a personal story to tell about your health care experiences particularly related to abortion or contraception, and feel comfortable telling it (anonymously or not), we'd like to talk to you! Aradia is committed to telling women's stories in the media and elsewhere honestly and compassionately, creating a dialogue with women - not just about women! If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact Amie Newman, Communications Manager, at (206) 323-1042 or email her at [email protected].