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"The best part of my experience was being welcomed as comfortably as possible under the circumstances. Knowing that I was treated without judgment made my anxiety less apparent."
—Aradia Client


With The Facts. With Your Health. With Your Community.

The CONNECT programs offers young people the information and self-care tools they need to lead healthy lives. And it empowers them to be active advocates for themselves and their peers. CONNECT materials focus on issues ranging from birth control to Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) prevention to sexual decision-making.

Fact Sheet Series � These fact sheets are easy-to-reproduce and are great tools to hand out to a group or class, or just to get updated on the latest sexual health information. Download the sheets below or ORDER NOW!  (Limited to Washington state organizations.)

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) (PDF): Get the facts on STI prevention, testing and transmission. Learn about condoms and how to use them. And read more about how to have safer sex.
  • Abortion (PDF): Learn about the different abortion options and the abortion process. Challenge myths around women who have abortions. And understand what women experience after an abortion.
  • HPV Vaccine (PDF): Get updated on this new vaccine and how it can protect you from cervical cancer and genital warts.Learn more about who should get vaccinated. And understand HPV and how you can prevent it
  • Reproductive Rights: Coming soon!
Zines on Sexual Health � This self-published small magazine was created by teens, for teens, in collaboration with Seattle�s YWCA Working Zone. Download below or ORDER NOW! (Limited to Washington state organizations.)
  • In Their Own Words: A Zine on Safer Sex (PDF 3mb): In our first volume, teens talk to teens about STI and pregnancy prevention, and other sexual health issues that impact young people. The zine delivers important health facts as well as personal stories and perspectives of the young people who developed it.
Brochures � The CONNECT brochures bring you in-depth information on a range of sexual health topics. ORDER NOW!  (Limited to Washington state organizations.)
  • Teen Health Brochure (PDF 3mb): This brochure focuses on the specific sexual health needs of teenage women. Start the conversation about sexual decision-making, unplanned pregnancy and STI prevention, and choosing abstinence.
  • Birth Control Packet (PDF 2mb): Put birth control information in the palm of your teen�s hand. This easy-to-use packet lists available birth control options and tips on how to choose the method that�s right for you.
  • Gynecological Brochure (PDF 6mb): Get detailed information on preventative care for women, including Pap smears, breast exams and the importance of regular gynecological care.

Sexual Health Presentations and Workshops � Invite our skilled educators to talk to your group or class. We offer free presentations to groups of teens and women. And we offer trainings on reproductive health issues for educators and social service providers. Contact our education department to schedule a presentation. Topics include:
  • Birth Control Options: Finding the Method That�s Right for You
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections: Prevention and Safer Sex
  • Abortion: Medical Facts
  • Abortion: Political and Social Issues
  • Women�s Health: Pap Smears and Gynecological Health
Background on Aradia�s CONNECT Program

In 2005, Aradia surveyed educators and organizations that work with youth and learned that they need and want deeper and more meaningful support from the health care community. The data we received indicated that many classrooms and organizations are interested in expanding the sexual health component of their health class and/or education program, and are looking for targeted, appropriate materials. CONNECT is designed to compliment the fantastic work already underway in our community, and support the individuals and organizations that work with young people every day.

CONNECT, funded by a grant from The Burning Foundation, combats the growing trend of STIs and unplanned pregnancies among young people and encourages them to embrace healthy practices, healthy choices and healthy futures.